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How To Guide: 5 Things to Looks for when booking your Next Vacation

Posted on: 09/27/2019

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You have made the decision, its going to be Ft. Lauderdale for vacation this year! You are excited and looking forward to long beautiful beach days filled with cold sodas, delicious ice-cream, fun with family and friends and leaving the real world behind. Florida has so much to offer and since the weather is beautiful almost every day, outdoor activities are a must! Click on this link to view all outdoor activities 

Your holiday location is decided, and your days are planned out, so all that is left is deciding where to stay while in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There are lots of hotels and vacation rentals to choose from, but which is right for you? There are pros and cons with any choice you make so its best to take some time and decide if a hotel or holiday home is right for you. More and more people are getting better bang for their buck in choosing a vacation home or short term rental apartment whether they are renting for a week or longer.

If you decide that a short term rental is right for you, then the search begins for one that will meet your requirements. You want to be comfortable, safe and enjoy your space so take time in deciding. If you pick a home for vacation that isn’t quite right, it can really spoil your time in Broward County.

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How to Select the right spot if not an easy one. Make sure to look at the following factors when picking a vacation home or vacation apartment.

Size: How many bedrooms and bathrooms will I need? Often, bedrooms in vacation rentals are set up with 2 twin beds in each room and a pull-out sofa. You can double up with a friend or family member which will help save costs. Maybe consider getting a 3 bedroom for your group of 6 people. If you are able to save money on the vacation home, you will be able to spend the money on activities and creating memories. 

Cooking Facilities: How much cooking will you be doing while on vacation? The ability to cook can really help save costs on eating out all the time. Even on vacation, sometimes eating out for every meal can get expensive and one does miss home cooked meals. Many families with small children will make sure that the kitchen is very well equipped. Its not unreasonable to ask for a blender, extra pots and pans, a toaster oven and even an extra fridge. Make the vacation home your home away from home.

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Laundry Facilities: no one wants to do laundry while on vacation but there are many reasons to have the washer and dryer on site. Some pack light and prefer to wash as they wear. If you spill or mess or have children, it’s a great amenity to have. Throw in a load in the morning, and when you come home later on, simply switch everything over. Each person in your group can help share the load. No one likes to come home with loads and loads of laundry after vacation. It's always a good idea to ask if the laundry is coin operated or free. 

Parking: Not everyone will rent a car when on vacation but in Fort Lauderdale its advisable if you want to see everything the City has to offer. Ask your host if there is a garage, covered carport, allocated parking bays or off-street parking. You want to make sure its convenient. Also ask if there is an additional charge for parking. Most hotels will charge you and some vacation rental managers will too. Its best to know ahead of time.

Wi-Fi: this is a must and you need to make sure the vacation rental has great Wi-Fi. This should not be an extra charge, but it never hurts to ask. Remember, since the area is new to you, you will be searching for all types of information. Its always a good idea to ask how fast the Wi-Fi speed is at the vacation rental home. If you have a large group, you want to make sure that everyone can get online at the same time. It can be very frustrating if the Wi-Fi speed is slow or drops in and out. 

Vacation rentals are a wonderful alternative to hotels. They allow everyone to spend quality time together and can be a real cost saver since everyone is sharing the weekly rate of the home or apartment. We are happy to help you find your next vacation home. Get in touch, so we can begin planning your next adventure in sunny Fort Lauderdale.