Long-Term Rental Management

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Our Long-term property portfolio consists of properties that we rent out on an annual or 12-month term.

We lease:

  • Single family homes
  • Condos
  • Town homes
  • Multi-family homes

Typically, we rent out long term properties unfurnished with the lessee taking care of all utilities.

Our Long term / Realty division offers a level of service few in the industry can compete with. Our Broker and Realtors provide peace of mind, convenience and expert advice from over 20 years combined experience in both management and Realty. We have contacts with all the necessary contractors to make sure your property/investment is maintained and ensuring that it keeps its value. We maintain a constant, unwavering emphasis on customer satisfaction, a friendly disposition, and a professional attitude in everything that we do.

The process of signing on with Smart Move Realty for us to handle the long-term management of your rental property is straightforward.

1. We conduct a comparative market analysis

We will compare your property to other properties currently listed for rent in the same area, as well as properties recently rented to get an accurate estimate of your fair market rent. This will assist us in pricing your property fairly and accurately ensuring that it does not sit empty for any length of time.

2. A Management Agreement is Required

We ensure all necessary documentation is signed and completed guaranteeing your property complies with all the requirements of an annual rental.

3. Preparing the Property

Smart Move will also compose an attractive description for rental advertising. We will walk you through every step ensuring you are kept informed and up to date. In the event that we need to make any changes we will inform you immediately and will provide an itemized proposal of our services to bring the property to compliance.

4. Marketing and Advertising

Once your property is compliant we will begin to extensively market it to qualified tenants. We use many avenues in marketing your property. One of our main platforms is the MLS (Multiple Listing System) where your property will be listed and controlled by our Realtor. All amenities and photographs will be listed as well as the agreed upon rental price.

5. Screening and Selecting Tenants

Each and every potential tenant is screened extensively prior to a lease being signed. We run a full credit and background/criminal check to see if the potential tenant is a good candidate. We do everything possible to make sure our long-term owners are matched with qualified tenants. You will be directly involved in the final say ensuring you are comfortable with the tenant selected.

If your property happens to operate under an association, we will walk the tenant through to get the association's approval. Typically, we require first month's rent, last month's rent and security deposit, which are paid upfront when signing the lease. This protects you, our client, and ensures that the tenant is truly interested.

6. Property Maintenance

The building maintenance (interior/exterior - walls, roof, ceilings, appliances, plumbing, electrical) is the responsibility of the property owner. The tenant is responsible for the connection and payment of their own utilities and lawn service where applicable. We perform periodic property inspections of all our long-term rental properties which ensures constant upkeep and both preventative and proactive maintenance eliminating larger problems. Maintenance and repairs on a long-term rental property include accepting and evaluating tenant repair and service requests, dispatching appropriate vendors or advising the tenant of their responsibility to correct the issue. We have established relationships with many vendors to help ensure the best pricing and honest work. Tenants can submit maintenance requests via telephone, via email or in person.

7. Accounting

Our clients come first and in order to ensure this, we use one of the best industry specific software packages to run our management database and accounting functions. We provide you with a monthly income and expenses Owner Statement. We pay you by direct deposit, so you get your money faster, no matter where you are in the world. Your monthly disbursements/owner's checks are handled expeditiously after month end. We provide you with a complete history of all income and expenses as well as a year-end summary to assist you in simplifying your tax preparation by not having to search though a years' worth of statements.

Our office is open 5 days a week (M-F) and a 24-hour emergency line is available.

For details regarding our fees on full service management, please contact us via email at or via telephone at .