Crew House Culture and Etiquette

Crew House living is a culture all on its own with socially acceptable behavior, rules and regulations that everyone follows in order to ensure a harmonious crew house. There are accepted values, beliefs and notions of what it means to live in a crew house no matter what your age or gender.

Crew from all over the world stay with us, which makes our crew houses a melting pot of cultures, attitudes, religions, and knowledge. This means is that the Smart Move rules have to be very strict upheld.

Below is a short list that states explicitly what is expected of everyone staying in one of our crew houses:

  1. Rent must be paid on time
  2. No bicycles allowed indoors
  3. No smoking is allowed indoors
  4. Windows must remain closed
  5. Your trash must be removed
  6. Noise must be kept to a minimum

Anyone new to the industry is quickly made aware about the way of life in a Smart Move crew house, after all, a crew house is a place to come together and be social. Whether looking for work, working or studying, a crew house is an affordable and wonderful place to live.

With every culture, such as that of a crew house, there are generally accepted and shared ways of behaving that are unspoken. Whether you are new to the industry or just unaware, inappropriate etiquette is not tolerated for very long. If you want to be a roommate in one of our crew houses there is implicit crew house etiquette that everyone follows. Below are a few examples of unspoken rules:

  1. Knowing not to eat other peoples' food

  2. Knowing not to drink other people's alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  3. Knowing not to leave wet clothes in the washing machine for too long

  4. Knowing not to leave your dry clothes in the dryer too long after they are dry

  6. Not using other peoples' toiletries without asking permission

  7. Not using other peoples' laptops and tablets without permission

  8. Awareness of other people and their sleeping schedule

These rules of etiquette need to be learned quickly by newcomers to avoid conflict. By following both sets of rules all our tenants will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us.