Funny Crew Stories

Smart Move housing is a great place to stay!

Having so many crew staying with us in Fort Lauderdale you can bet that we have a few delightful stories to share. All names have been changed so don't worry no one will know if it's you

A crew member, lets call him Tim, came into our office quite irate that he had not be able to switch off the kitchen light all week. Tim tells us that he is absolutely sure the light is broken! He then demanded we come out and fix it immediately. Our maintenance manager came through to the front office due to all the shouting. He very calmly told Tim that the light in the kitchen is not actually a light, but if he looks closely he will see its a skylight. The entire office was quiet. Not knowing what to say or do, Tim started laughing and apologized to everyone.

A very "green" crew member, let's call her Laura, called the office one morning to complain that housekeeping has not been into her apartment to wash her sheets, make her bed, pick up her clothes off the floor, wash her dirty dishes and take the trash out. We very politely explained that she will have to take care of those things herself. She was utterly unimpressed with our response and as you can imagine, didn't make it very far in the industry.

An eighteen year old crew member, let's call her Ashley, moved into one of our shared crew houses and happily settled in. It was her first time being away from home and we gladly spoke to her mom every day to assure her Ashley was doing well. We received a call a few days later from her Ashley's mom that Ashley had blocked the toilet. Ashley was embarrassed and wasn't sure how to use the toilet plunger provided and in a panic called her mom (her mom lives in a different country). We walked Ashley through the "process" and she was thrilled that she unblocked the toilet on her own.

Late one night we received a call from a crew member, let's call him Robert. He was very frustrated and angry as he thought we had rented him an apartment with no hot water. Robert was tired and all he wanted to do was take a hot shower and go to sleep. We explained to him that we had never had any issues with the hot water heater but he was insistent that someone come out to his apartment right away. We arrived at Robert's apartment at 11:30 pm to find no issue with the hot water. Robert was using the wrong faucet - for him back home - red was cold and blue was hot. He didn't think to try the other faucet. We had a good laugh and Robert enjoyed a nice long shower.

For those of you who are very familiar with our properties you know we don't use keys but rather electronic door codes that are changed after every tenant moves out. We had a lovely crew member, let's call him James, who booked a great apartment with us - his first reservation with us. Tim was moving in late Saturday night and as we do, we emailed him all his move-in information including the electronic door code on Friday. Tim replied that he received the information and looked forward to meeting us. Tim arrived at our office 11pm on Saturday night and started to call frantically and after the 7th call he called he left a voicemail that he didn't know how he was supposed to access his apartment and where to pick up the key. We called him back and explained to him (again) that we use electronic door locks and not keys. Finally understanding the no keys policy, James went straight to his apartment, used the door code and settled in. He apologized profusely and arrived on Monday morning with a box of chocolates. Now we have a laugh every time he books a place with us - "James, remember to pick up your keys"

Our shared crew houses really do feel like you are staying with your extended family. Most people get along and things run smoothly but unfortunately you always get that one person who gets on everyone's nerves and doesn't follow the accepted norms. We had a very sweet newbie lets call him, Joseph, who moved into one of our crew houses. After a few days of his arrival we received emails and calls from everyone in the house (expect Joseph) about food and drink "disappearing" from the house. We stopped by the crew house and met with Joseph and we explained to him that the general rule in our crew house is - you eat what you buy and buy what you eat. He was under the impression that he could help himself to anything in the kitchen because it was communal living and everyone shared everything. He was extremely embarrassed so that very same night he bought pizzas and beer for the entire crew house.