Short-Term Rental Management

Need a place to stay for weeks or months?


Short term rentals can best be described as a transient stay in an apartment or house on a weekly or monthly basis with all the luxuries and amenities that a hotel can offer but not the high price tag. Smart Move specializes in this market with a focus on fully furnished all-inclusive properties.

Smart Move's Process

  • We assess your property from a variety of aspects
  • We provide you with an overall picture of the potential rental income that Smart Move could get for your property.
  • We recommend any upgrades or changes that could bring about a higher rental income.
  • Our Management Agreement is signed, and we provide all necessary documentation regarding the vacation rental license.
  • We will take care of all the specific requirements that the City demands to ensure that you receive your short-term vacation rental license. We will set up the inspection and meet the City inspector. Once you have passed your license will be displayed.
  • Our extensively marketing of your property begins, as we send out our professional photographer and note all amenities to be listed for our guests.

Our clients come first and to ensure this, we use one of the best industry specific software packages to run our management database and accounting functions.

Finances / Accounting

We provide you with a monthly income and expenses Owner Statement. We pay you by direct deposit, so you get your money faster, no matter where you are in the world. Your monthly disbursements/owner's checks are handled expeditiously after month end. We provide you with a complete history of all income and expenses as well as a year-end summary to assist you in simplifying your tax preparation by not having to search though a years' worth of statements.

Once You are Signed Up with Us, here is What You Need to Know.

It is important to note that Smart Move is registered with the State of Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulations, Division of Hotels and Restaurants, and our short-term rentals operate under a Hotel License. This License gives us the authority of immediate tenant eviction for non-payment of rent and misbehavior. It also ensures that we maintain higher standards of accommodation. It allows us to obtain personal information on a tenant, and a comprehensive tenant registration form is required at check-in.

Guest Satisfaction Is Our Goal!

Reservations with us are quick and easy making it convenient for our guests. Our ultimate goal is to ensure all guests become repeat guests. The safety and security of your property is our paramount concern and to ensure your property is secure we have entry and exit doors that operate with electronic coded locks. This gives us control of tenant occupation. These codes are changed after every tenant vacates. We keep a very strict control over these codes ensuring you peace of mind.

We perform periodic property inspections of all our short-term rental properties which ensures constant upkeep and both preventative and proactive maintenance eliminating larger problems.

Maintenance and repairs on a short-term rental property include:

  1. Accepting and evaluating tenant repair and service requests
  2. Dispatching appropriate vendors
  3. Advising the tenant of their resposibility to correct the issue(s)

We offer a level of service few in the industry can compete with. We provide peace of mind, convenience and expert advice from over 50 years combined experience of management. We have contacts with all the necessary contractors to make sure your property/investment is maintained and ensuring that it keeps its value. We maintain a constant, unwavering emphasis on customer satisfaction, a friendly disposition, and a professional attitude in everything that we do.

Our office is open 5 days a week (M-F) and a 24-hour emergency line is available.