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Traveling Medical Professionals - Dream Travel Assignment in Fort Lauderdale

Posted on: 06/13/2023


Traveling Nurses and the Need for Short Term Accommodation.

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Nurses are the backbone of the medical profession. They are the lifeline between the doctors and the patients. These medical professionals are kind and compassionate, ensuring their patients feel seen and heard and get the very best medical treatment available.

Our healthcare facilities have been faced with a shortage of nurses in the United States. Nurses are underpaid and overworked, causing quick burnouts and in some cases, a change in career. The scarcity of nurses, especially since Covid, has brought the traveling nurse industry to the forefront.

Nursing contracts and assignments vary in duration, with the choice of hospital or clinic location, and specialty, providing nurses the flexibility to meet the needs of both their work and personal life.

Immersing yourself in different hospitals, clinics and specialties creates an environment for learning and further building your resume. Compensation and pay benefits exceed that of a typical nurse’s salary. If you have a specialty, it often increases demand, thereby boosting hourly/daily pay.


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There are a total of 216 hospitals, both private and public, in Florida. The Broward County Medical Association lists 23 hospitals in Broward County, creating many opportunities for traveling health care workers.

One of the main benefits of travel is being able to explore areas you might never have visited before.

Staying in a hotel can be expensive and often not practical if you need to cook.

Travel stipends are provided, allowing these medical professionals to find short term fully furnished housing. The determining factor when selecting their accommodation is proximity to the hospital or clinic. With long hours and late night shifts, being able to get to and from work, as quickly as possible is an added bonus.

Why Stay with Smart Move Accommodations in Fort Lauderdale?

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We are a family owner company with a hands-on approach when interacting with our guests and ensuring our properties are well maintained and spotless.

No long-term lease is required.

Weekly and monthly stays are available, providing total flexibility based on the employment contract. Our apartments and houses are fully furnished and include the following:

·        All towels and lines

·        Fully Equipped kitchens and bathrooms

·        Free Wi-Fi

·        Free Parking

·        Laundry Facilities

·        Water and Electric included

·        Self-Check in with the ease of electronic door locks


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We have a wide range of apartments and houses with varied price ranges, so stipends for housing assignments can be allocated appropriately.

Best of all, our fully furnished short-term rentals are not further than 5 miles from Broward hospital on Andrews Avenue.


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Reasons to Visit Fort Lauderdale 


  1. Beautiful Beaches
  2. Las Olas
  3. Everglades
  4. Great Weather
  5. Proximity to Miami Beach and the Keys


Please reach out when you are ready to book your new adventure in SE Fort Lauderdale.