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5 Most Important Tips on Short Terms Rentals and Leases

Posted on: 03/13/2018

To lease or not to lease that, that is the question!  

1.Vacations and Short Term Renters- Should you lease?  

Fort Lauderdale is a great destination for short term furnished rentals. Warm weather all year long with beautiful beaches, what could be better? Whether you are coming on vacation or permanently relocating; the sea and sand are very inviting. 

Vacationers coming down for a few months are looking for the best deal possible and they know that monthly stays are the way to go. Hotels are often out of budget for a lot of people and with month-to-month furnished rentals the option of cooking and saving on eating out is very appealing. The question is – do I have to sign a lease?

Relocating to a new city can be overwhelming and very stressful as there are many decisions you must make daily. Often, you are given only a few weeks to move your entire life and its simply impossible to make all those important decisions. Which neighborhood do I like best? What schools are available in each area and what are my permanent housing options. The question is – do I have to sign a lease?

2.Who is Smart Move Accommodations? 

With Smart Move Accommodations, our short term furnished rentals are ideal! We offer total flexibility and most importantly no lease is required. Think of it like this – the rental, be it an apartment or house is move in ready! All you need are your personal belongings and food. You don’t have to be concerned about paying utilities, paying for parking, or Wi-Fi – Smart Move Accommodations has you covered.  Either you are bringing your beach chairs and towels for a lovely vacation or you are moving the family to start a new adventure.

Our furnished accommodations will give you as much time as you need to enjoy your vacation or find out about your new city, the area and where you would like to settle permanently. Temporary housing, requiring no lease gives you total flexibility and no pressure regarding your timeline.  Smart Move Short Term Rental Properties  

3.Most commonly asked questions regarding leases on short term rentals:

These are the most commonly asked questions we get as vacationers or new residents to Fort Lauderdale are simply not sure and a lot of contradictory information is out there.

 A:I need a furnished apartment/house for a few months -  I am not sure how long as I have had to move to Fort Lauderdale very last minute - will I have to sign a lease

B:I only need temporary housing until I find something permanent and that may take a few weeks or months. Am I tied into a lease

C:Do you only offer 3-month leases and 6-month leases?

I like to tell our guests to think of us as the most convenient type of fully furnished rentals around with NO obligation of signing a LEASE. Being locked in or tied down is something we all look to avoid.

4.Duration of Stay with Smart Move Accommodations:

With us, it’s easy, you can either: 

  1. Stay 1 week
  2. Week to week
  3. Month to month

Our furnished housing is available offering complete convenience and flexibility.  

Important Tips when selecting a short-term rental agency or landlord:


It is very important before selecting your short-term rental company to chat to the landlord or rental agency. Read reviews and see what others have experienced. Pictures can be deceiving and unfortunately with temporary housing it’s a lot less regulated. Find out how rent payments are collected and if its secure. Most importantly, make sure you are not pressured into signing a lease. Now that you know it’s not necessary its completely your decision but read the fine print. It’s important to remember that it is temporary housing you are looking for after all, and your plans will change so you are looking for flexibility. 

Interested in learning more about our short term furnished properties requiring no leases, please get in touch.    Contact Us!