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Crew House Maintenance

Posted on: 05/18/2015

Unfortunately, some crew houses in Fort Lauderdale have a very bad reputation for being run down and badly maintained making the choice to stay in a random crew house a very risky one. Being so involved in the yachting community, we understand this fear better than anyone and that is where we come in!

  • Most of you are aware that we bought Smart Move Crew Accommodations 6 years ago and found many of the crew houses in need of TLC. We worked very hard on changing the condition of our crew houses and in turn our reputation. We did not want the idea of staying in a Smart Move crew house to be a risky one.
  • We were able to turn our crew houses around by hiring a full maintenance team available 24/7 who are very familiar with all our crew houses. They inspect the crew houses regularly and attend to whatever needs fixing. They are skilled in all areas of maintenance whether it be plumbing, electrical, or general upkeep - they can fix anything!

Often when someone is renting a bed in a crew house they tend to treat the house with less respect and we often find there is a “Crew House Mentality” amongst many crew. We try to combat this by understanding the “Crew House Mentality” = when living in a crew house with more than 3 people it lessens each individual’s sense of responsibility. Most of our tenants are actively looking for work or are working hard and don’t focus on reporting maintenance concerns at their crew house. Because of this exact mentality, we have to enforce many rules and regulations as well as try to create a community feeling making everyone equally responsible for reporting any and all maintenance concerns and breaking that “Crew House Mentality”. We do this by making our crew house tenants sign the rules and regulations as well as random surprise crew house visits carried out by Corrie and Jocelyn our front desk team.

With the nature of yachting being so transient we have a high turnover rate of people coming and going in our crew houses. This makes crew house maintenance a constant focus that we attend to timeously. Part of the front desk responsibilities as Corrie and Jocelyn will tell you, is to make sure all maintenance is reported to the appropriate department and attended too quickly. Well maintained crew houses equals happy tenants.

Please take a look and see exactly what you can expect when staying in a Smart Move Crew House

Article available in the Lauderdale Ahead magazine.