Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is required for rental property?
In today's rental market owners are requesting and getting first month rent, last month rent plus a security deposit (which equals one month rent). All monies are required prior to moving in. It needs to be in cleared funds such as cashier's check, money orders or cash. Also a rental application and application fee is required as well as a credit and background check.
2. Are Pets allowed?
Allowing pets is up to the discretion of the individual property owner. If a condo is managed by an Association, the Condo By-Laws determine if pets are allowed or not.
3. Should I take the first property I see that I like?
From my experience if you see a property you like in an area you want to be located, "go for it" because more than likely there are others looking at the same property and/or in the same area. Go by the "You snooze you lose" motto.
4. Can a Real Estate agent in Ft Lauderdale help me find a property for sale or lease outside of Ft Lauderdale?
Yes, as Florida Licensed Realtors we can assist you throughout the State of Florida.
5. Do I pay a Realtor for finding me a property?
No, for a rental property the owner signs a listing agreement with the Realtor that states the owner pays the commission. For a sales listing the seller pays the commission.
6. What do I need to do before I start looking for a home to buy?
The first thing to do is to get pre-qualified from a bank or mortgage lender. That way you will know what price range you need to look at to buy your new home, plus it will speed up your financing process.
7. What do I do when I find that perfect home?
This is where your Realtor will come in handy. Your Realtor should help you make that initial offer by looking up recent sales in the area where the home is located. This is done by looking at properties that are comparable to the one you are looking at. By doing this you can determine that you are making the best offer you can make and that you will be getting the property at a competitive price.
8. What happened when my offer is accepted?
The first thing that I recommend is "get a property inspection" on that beautiful home. You never know what may be lurking behind that nice paint job. You want to make sure the house is in relatively good shape. You will also be comfortable knowing that a house with a good inspection will not cause you problems when it comes time to get insurance. Of course not many houses inspect perfectly, in that case there can be some give and take between the buyer and the seller. If no agreement on repairs can be made now is your chance to cancel your contract and move on. Make sure you understand the inspection period and that "time is of the essence".
9. What happens after the inspection is completed and everybody is happy?
Now the wait begins, your contract is turned over to a Title Company and they will review the title on your new home to make sure that the title is clear. Following that, the Title Company and the mortgage lender will start working on preparing your closing documents. This will usually take a period of about 30 days. Your Realtor will be in constant contact with the title company and your mortgage lender and will be able to update you on the progress.
10. What happens at closing?
Well you sign your name about 75 times. Then you get the keys and go home and wait for your Realtor to arrive with a nice bottle of Champagne to celebrate all your hard work.