Frequently Asked Questions

Property Management

What properties do you handle?
We manage Short- Term (Crew Accommodation & Seasonal Vacation Homes), Long-Term (1 year) Rentals and Absentee Owner Homes.
What types of properties does Smart Move Property Management manage?
There is no property that is too big or too small for us to manage and these include; condos, townhomes, single-family homes, apartment buildings, multi-family units, and multi-plexes.
What services does Smart Move Property Management provide?
After you appoint Smart Move Property Management all you have to do is sit back, relax and check your bank account each month, because we will do everything else. We will skillfully market your property, select a high quality tenant, collect the rent, maintain the property, and send you your monthly statements. Before we enter into a rental agreement we always conduct an interview, and do a background and credit check. Our maintenance personnel inspect each property three times a year and will make the owners aware of any problems that we happen to uncover, as well as their repair options.
What are Smart Move Property Management fees?
Different Management Programs call for different rates.

Short Term Rental properties (weekly, monthly, less than a year rentals), pay a one-time fee to cover all of your advertising costs until the property is rented. Once the property is rented, we only collect a small portion of the monthly rent and an annual management renewal fee on the anniversary of our contract. There's also a requirement for keyless locks to be installed on all entry doors.

Long Term Rental properties (yearly rentals), as the short term rentals require a one-time fee to cover all of your advertising costs until the property is rented. Once the property is rented, we only collect a small portion of the monthly rent and an annual management renewal fee on the anniversary of our contract. If your property was vacant when we signed our Management Agreement, once we get it rented we will charge the first month's rent. (commission that is split between the realtors involved in the transaction) and a portion of the monthly rent thereafter.

Absentee Owner Homes - There is no need for you to worry about your home while you are away from home; Smart Move is here to keep an eye on your property, collect your mail, check on the maintenance of your house, etc. All we charge is a small monthly fee for the inspections, plus any maintenance and or cleaning fees that you may require.
Do you set the rental rate?
Yes, but we will let you know what we think about your property, once we get to do a physical inspection of the same, as well as the present market conditions.
How long does it take to rent out a property?
Our team of front desk operators work diligently to fill all of the short term rentals as soon as they become available. Our realtors also work expeditiously listing the properties as soon as they receive notice that the previous tenants are planning to vacate, ahead of time, so that new prospects are lined up once the property becomes available. However, some properties rent much quicker, and unfortunately some take a little longer. In most cases it will come down to the condition of the property and the rate flexibility.
Does Smart Move Property Management pay the maintenance cost?
No, but we employ a team of highly skilled maintenance personnel that can fix just about anything that goes wrong with a property. In addition, because of our size, we have many special relationships with vendors that allow us to purchase the supplies required to maintain a property at much lower costs than normally would be possible. Because of those two factors, we are confident that we can keep your property in tip-top shape for much less than any other firm in the area.
How do I know what is going on with my property during the year?
Once we sign the Management Agreement, the property is under our control. Once a month (within the first 10 days of the following month) you will receive your monthly owner statements showing the rental collected, commission deducted and any payments that we make on your behalf. Any cash flow will be transferred to your account as per your previous instructions.
Why should we choose your firm?
If you want to have your property managed by the most successful company in the area, then Smart Move Realty & Property Management is for you. The name of the game in this industry is the money that we can put in your pocket. That includes both the short-term monthly rent and the long-term property appreciation. And the attention that is paid to your property while you are away from home. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or email at your convenience for a free no obligation quote.