Interior Design

Watch your property come to life

Furnishing and decorating a rental property is quite different to decorating a home. It requires us to step back and analyze the property from a tenant's point of view. Often the property owner will request certain designs or items be used however we often steer them away from their requests as they won't work in a rental property. The property must be turnkey and appeal to a wide variety of tastes. White sofas and cream rugs look great in a primary residence but are simple not practical in a short-term rental.

We must be even more creative and often select materials that will wear well and stand up to consistent tenant use. After all rental properties are there to be rented and there is no better way than to increase popularity using great yet practical furnishings and decorations.

We have identified, researched and created comfortable, practical, functional and efficient rental units. As a team with over 30 years combined experience in planning and implementation we always go the extra mile to successfully streamline communication and cooperation among the necessary team members.

When Furnishing and Decorating a Rental Unit Our Focus is on:

  1. Bed configuration
  2. Practical use of all furniture
  3. Comfort of beds and sofas
  4. Protection of furniture
  5. Storage
  6. Quality of towels and linens
  7. Inventory for each room of the house
  8. Painting of the house
  9. Artwork

Our design team thrives on working on blank canvasses and creating a product that is high demand. No matter the size we are furnishing and decorating we have a vision for your property that will create appeal and demand.