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Smart Move hosts the Triton Event November 19th

Posted on: 10/29/2014

Join The Triton and Smart Move Crew Accommodations for networking on Nov. 19, the third Wednesday of the month, from 6-8 p.m. in Ft. Lauderdale. Bring business cards and talk with captains, crew and industry professionals. Until then, learn more from Operations Manager Shelley Isakowitz.

Tell us about Smart Move.

Smart Move Crew Accommodations is a housing/accommodation specialist to the yachting community in Ft. Lauderdale. We are in tune with the needs of crew and have selected our locations and furnished our houses accordingly. We want the crew to feel like they are staying at their home away from home. We understand how fluid the yachting industry is and offer weekly and monthly, fully furnished rentals.

When did this start?

The business began 23 years ago and has changed hands several times. We, the Smart Move that came to be in 2009, transformed the business from just another crew house to the premier crew housing option for all yachting crew and we have expanded our property portfolio.

Who benefits from your services?

Anyone looking to avoid the cost of a hotel and receive great customer service. You don’t have to be in the industry to enjoy us. We have vacationers, students and corporate personnel, but our main guests are from the yachting industry.

What sets you apart?

Our wide selection of properties, great locations and our world-class service. We do not own our rental units so when a property owner is considering us to manage and rent out their property, we look at the property objectively. Because we don’t own the properties, we do not compete with the owners, and we ensure that our tenants are offered a broad selection of options depending on their requirements and budget.

Our new website is full of helpful information for the uninitiated to the well-traveled. We answer questions that we are asked on a daily basis. We also have a mobile app that we have just launched. We understand how busy everyone is and the mobile app keeps everyone a lot more connected and speeds up the reservation process. We also have our own in-house maintenance division.

People expect immediate communication these days. How do handle that?

We are available 24/7, just like a hotel, because the life of a yachty is never certain and schedules change constantly. We communicate via e-mail, Facebook, social media platforms and our new website,, making ourselves 100 percent accessible. We have an after-hours line for crew.

Where are your properties located?

Our properties are located around 17th Street Causeway in Ft. Lauderdale. Most crew don’t have transportation so we know our properties have to be located close to the main hub of Ft. Lauderdale and close to all the crew agencies, maritime schools, marinas and shopping centers. We do offer a select few properties near Las Olas Boulevard. Those are highly sought after and stay fully booked most of the year.

What’s the difference between a house for crew and a crew house?

Great question, as many people get this confused. A crew house is a two- to four-bedroom house with two twin beds per room. Crew members can rent the bed by the week and enjoy the use of the amenities in the rest of the house. This includes free wi-fi, cable and a washer and dryer on site.

A house for crew is a private house rented as a whole by crew members from the same boat. Our most budget-friendly option is the shared crew housing – renting the bed by the week.

No keys? Tell us about that.

Yes, no keys. We love this. People lose keys all the time, and they are a hassle and security risk if they fall into the wrong hands. We use electronic door locks on of all our properties. This is a four-digit number provided to the guest at check-in. This code is changed every time someone moves out. The security of our properties and our guests are paramount, so we keep very tight control over these codes.

Networking is Nov. 19 at a Smart Move Crew Accommodations house. For location, stay tuned, The Triton’s Facebook page (TritonNews) or contact Smart Move Crew Accommodations at +1 954-525-9559 or