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Triton network with Maritime Professional Training Oct. 1

Posted on: 09/30/2014


When: 10/01/2014

Time: 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Location: Maritime Professional Training (MPT)

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1915 South Andrews Ave.33316


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Phone: 954-525-1014



Join us for networking with Maritime Professional Training (MPT) on the first Wednesday in October (Oct. 1) from 6-8 p.m. at 1915 S. Andrews Ave. in Ft. Lauderdale. It will be a chance to meet instructors, staff, fellow crew and others in the industry.


Until then, get to know a little more about MPT from Vice President of Sales and Marketing Lisa Morley.


??Q. How do you describe MPT?

It’s easy to describe MPT as the largest private maritime school is the country, but what really describes us best is that we are a school that really cares about our students and their careers. We want all of our students to reach their fullest potential and achieve all of their career aspirations. We offer programs of study to cover almost every aspect of a maritime, sea-going career and we offer guidance to help our students make the best choices.


Q. ?What is the history of the school?

MPT is a family-owned and -operated school that was founded in 1983 by Elmer (a chief engineer) and Beverly (a captain) Morley, two life-long mariners who were looking for somewhere closer to home to study and advance their careers. The rest, as they say, is history. Joined by their children, Ted Morley (an unlimited master) as COO, Amy Beavers (vice chairman of MERPAC and vice president of the Maritime Education and Standards Council) as vice president of regulatory affairs, and me as vice president of Sales and Marketing, MPT is steadily increasing its course offerings and exploring new opportunities to help train the next generation of mariners.


Q. What is important for captains and crew to know about MPT?

The students of MPT become like family. We truly feel blessed to work in such a dynamic industry and enjoy all of our students.??


Q. We hear you are expanding. Tell us about that.

This newest expansion is one of our most exciting ever. We are adding more than 25,000 square feet of brand new classrooms and simulation facilities, bringing our total square footage for training up to almost 65,000 square feet. We will be able to offer our students the absolute most advanced capabilities in engine room simulation, cargo operations, dynamic positioning, helm training, and ECDIS – as well as the more than 150 other courses we currently offer. The front of the building is getting an amazing facelift and we are adding over 80 parking spaces. ??MPT is also expanding new curriculum development.


MPT is committed to staying on the cutting edge of all training, both regulatory and non- regulatory. We are in development of new simulation training and scenarios for both engineering and deck courses as well as the newly required STCW course programs. ?


Q. What is the best way for students to map their academic careers?

Two words: Career counseling. We offer free guidance to all of our students and strongly recommend that everyone take advantage of this service. Many are unaware that they qualify for considerably more than they are often applying for with regard to their licenses. Almost every day we help mariners to reach their optimum potential.


The best way to do that is too spend some quality time talking to us. Tell us what your goals are and let us help to guide you on the best way to achieve them. Knowledge is power and we can help provide the information necessary to make the best choices.


Q. Do students still use pencils and books?

Absolutely. We offer many of our books in digital format as well as paper, but our industry is still very tactile.??


Q. What is happening with technology in the classroom?

The most significant advancements are in the form of simulation. Simulators are being used for many classes now to optimize the training and assessment experience. In addition to things like ECDIS, radar, and bridge simulation, simulators are now being used for cargo operations, stability classes, dynamic positioning and engine room simulation, and a host of other classes.??


Q. What do students comment the most on at MPT?

The number of courses and class dates available. We strive to offer classes as often as possible in order to minimize the amount of time our students need to take off from work.??


Q. What are your favorite stories to tell?

Student success stories are always our favorite. We have students who are started here 30 years ago and are retiring now. It is pretty amazing to be such an important part of their lives.


Q. Can you share a student success story?

Success can be measured in so many ways. How about a stewardess who took a first aid/CPR class and the following week saved the owner’s life? The owner came in personally to thank us and let us know that without the stewardess, he would not be here today.


How about a student who took personal survival techniques and less than a month later was rescued, along with most of the crew (sadly, not everyone survived) after the vessel sank in a hurricane? He also came back to let us know that he credited the training he has taken here with saving his life.


Then there is the wife who called just yesterday, to find out what our favorite cake is. She wants to thank us for helping her husband upgrade his license, allowing him to be hired for a new position that enables him to spend more time at home with her and their new baby.


We train over 10,000 people every year and each one is a success story -- whether they are just starting out, walking the docks and getting their first job or if they just upgraded and achieved their unlimited Master’s licenses.


Maritime Professional Training (MPT) is located north of State Road 84 on South Andrews Avenue at 1915 South Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale (33316). For more information, visit or call +1 954-525-1014.