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An in-depth look in the world of superyacht toys

Posted on: 08/29/2014

Staying on top of the latest trends in today’s superyacht industry can be difficult enough, but if you take into account the demands of some superyacht owners who want the latest gadget or an owner who wants you to create an exclusive product just for them,  these trends can become that little bit harder to reach. Yachting Pages spoke with Yacht Toys & Dreams on how they have managed to successfully navigate these difficult demands

1) How did Yacht Toys & Dreams all begin?

With the adaption and creation of new superyacht marinas in Spain, such as Marina Port Vell, Vilanova Grand Marina and the expansion of Marina Barcelona were good reasons for the creation of Yacht Toys & Dreams. Therefore we created our company in 2010 to provide excellent service from our experience and passion for the world of superyachts.  


2) How would you describe Yacht Toys & Dreams?

Yacht Toys & Dreams is the place where a boat or superyacht will find, in one company, not only the best products and related services for toys and tenders, but also high-quality advice to help you choose products that meet the needs of the owner, crew and yacht.

In Yacht Toys & Dreams you'll find a portfolio of over 1,500 items, all carefully selected to offer the best products for owners and also to make the job easier for the crew. We also offer a quality after-sales service along with the support of the manufacturers. 


4) How has the company developed over the years? 

We began in Barcelona with our showroom where we hold most of our products. Then moved on to introduce tenders.  

This year we have begun selling mooring products and providing the rental of Seabobs and chase boats in Barcelona and Ibiza.  

We have also implemented specialised electric vehicles of two, three and four wheels for yachting and marina areas.  


5) How are you different from your competitors?

Yacht Toys & Dreams is an innovative company, constantly evolving and finding the latest products to offer the customers.

We love challenges and have a solution for every yacht and can provide customised products that are not often found on the market. We select the best manufacturers, suppliers and products in search of the highest customer satisfaction. 

Our organisation is completely customer oriented, from our 30 years’ experience in the industry and in-depth analysis to understand what the demands of the sector are and the service that the customer expects; we implement work protocols that satisfy even the most demanding customers. 


6) Have you any exciting new developments you would like to share? launched two months ago, the website for online sales of Yacht Toys & Dreams where you can easily find and buy any product as well as information on all the services we offer. With the online site any customer can buy and receive your order anywhere in the world.  

Our goal is to advise the client on the virtual store in the same way we do in person, so features photos, videos and applications for each product to maximize the use of it by owners and crew. Right now we have all the products on the web and we are working to introduce the content of each product, in two months we will have achieved that goal.  

Last week on we introduced a blog, in conjunction with Yacht Toys & Dreams, and a company newsletter for our customers – to sign up for the newsletter visit

Through these tools, we aim to pass current information to the customer including interesting information on the sector of toys and tenders and also provide with tests and guide products through a selection made by the team at Yacht Toys & Dreams. 

 7) What challenges are you facing in the superyacht tenders and toys industry?

I think the industry in general has a duty and the need to be more responsible with the environment. Although there are fully electric and green boats, we have a poor development of green technology in the world of yachts, toys and tenders.  

 8) What is the most bizarre customer request you've received? 

Three years ago a client asked us to create an Olympic games around his yacht. Our team studied all the Olympic sports, on both water and land, before creating the project. We had a lot of work but it was fun.

 9) Which superyachts have worked with that you can share?  

We have worked with four of the 10 largest yachts in the world that often come in Spanish waters.

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