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Posted on: 09/27/2022

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Introducing Smart Move Accommodation’s


Being that the marine industry is social in nature, crew housing is a popular choice for all yachties no matter their level of experience. Green crew starting out and completing their STCW certifications, as well as more seasoned yachties who have been actively working in the industry, will typically choose shared housing for the main benefit of networking.

Connecting with like-minded individuals through shared experiences is what communal living is all about! Creating lifelong friendships, and possible employment, are both great advantages when staying in one of our houses.

Smart Move offers Budget Crew Housing and Professional Crew Housing. Typically, those starting out will opt for this setup as its economical and a great jumping off point for those newbies.

We saw a gap in the market for those mariners looking for shared crew housing, but on a different, more advanced level. For those yachties who don't want to rent a private apartment but who also, don’t want the chaos of a typical crew house, we have created a brand-new space and are very excited about it! 



Our Premium Crew House Complex, The SandBar has been designed specifically for seasoned crew, and those coming in for the more challenging classes. If you are looking for more than just a bed in a busy crew house, then our brand-new housing setup if for you! The SandBar is a newly renovated and upmarket complex opposite LMC. We have created an upscale and exclusive space that is comfortable and relaxed, allowing crew to enjoy their time off after a long day of classes and for those working at LMC. 


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A Quick Overview

The SandBar is on the same street as LMC

The complex has 4 units

Each unit has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom – sleeps 4

2 twin beds in each room – can be converted to a King bed

Comfortable Deluxe mattresses

Large closets with dressers and floor length mirrors                                                      

Large desk in the master bedroom               

Open-plan living with leather sofas, a 65-inch flat screen TV and dining space just off the kitchen                                                                                  

Hair dryers                                                                                      


Air fryers                                                                                          

Above ground Pool for the complex    **Still to be installed**                                         

65-inch flat Screen TV

Lightning-fast Wi-Fi                                                                       

Complimentary Laundry

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What we love about the layout of The Sandbar is that there is a sense of community, but on your terms. Each unit has its own private outdoor space with BBQ, as well as the option of enjoying the shared pool.

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Along with our typical crew house rules/policies, we created a guideline for Crew House Etiquette. We want to ensure that those guests who have selected Premium Crew Housing, have the most enjoyable stay and avoid potential conflict.

·        Quiet hours are between 9pm and 7am

·        Friends who visit must leave by 9pm

·        Be respectful of your roommates/housemates - no slamming doors/loud music

·        Be mindful when sharing a room and bathroom with the opposite gender

·        Keep the common areas clean and clear of personal belongings

·        Don’t take food/drink that belongs to your housemates without asking

·        Don’t leave wet clothing in washer/dryer overnight

·        Be courteous of your roommates sleeping schedule

·        Pool Rules must be followed

·        Drug & Alcohol abuse is not tolerated


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The location of the SandBar is ideal

Distance to LMC – across the street!

Distance to SAVVY – less than 1 mile

Distance to MPT – less than 2 miles

Distance to PYT – less than 3 miles

Distance to BLUE WATER less than 5 miles

Distance to Derecktor’s Marina - less than 5 miles


Enjoy total flexibility as you rent week to week. 

Book your space with us today!




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