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The Best Vacation Rental in Fort Lauderdale!

Posted on: 12/15/2021


Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rental of the month



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It's time to plan your Holiday/Christmas vacation, and we want to highlight one of our most popular vacation rentals.

Due to Covid, and all its variants, people have been stuck at home with little to no interaction with members outside their home. With no change in scenery at all, and with most people only going out and visiting those essential businesses/services such as grocery stores and pharmacies, self-isolating has been a real struggle.

Many parents have been working from home full time as well as homeschooling their children. Wearing all these hats is exhausting, especially when there is no outlet or way to reduce the stress and pressure. This has been going on for nearly 2 years, and we are seeing changes regarding the workforce structure. If the job allows, people are now choosing to work remotely as it saves on travel time and with the pandemic not going anywhere anytime soon it adds an extra level of safety.

With vaccinations now readily available, a lot more knowledge regarding COVID-19 and the various treatments, people are now more open to traveling again. 

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford to travel, renting a vacation rental in a wonderful sunny climate is a great option for those looking to stay safe whilst still enjoying a change of scenery. Hotels can be challenging and a little scary as there is a lot of guest traffic as well as hotel employees with access to your room, so staying safe may be tough.


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Introducing our Vacation Rental…Coastal Soul!


This vacation home is calm, inviting and the perfect space for a family of 4 or 2 couples looking for a romantic getaway.

  • It has 2 large bedrooms that have 2 twin beds in each room. For your convenience, these beds can be converted into King beds.
  • The 2 modern bathrooms are great, as there is one for the parents to enjoy in peace and one for the kids to use.
  • The house is located on a quiet cul-de-sac in a lovely residential neighborhood.
  • This holiday home is fresh, clean and modern and the best amenity …. its on the THE WATER/CANAL!!


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Just imagine, enjoying breakfast outside on a fresh, cool morning and watching the boats go by. Indulge in a hearty BBQ after a fun day at the beach, (the beach is only 3 miles away) whilst the cool breeze floats by as the boats float down the canal. After the children fall into bed after a fun filled day, delight a glass of wine under the moonlight water.


One of the many benefits of renting a vacation property is the option to dine in! Eating in, not only saves on costs, but in this current environment is a lot safer. Let’s discuss our amazing open-plan kitchen!

  • Granite countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances and a dishwasher make cooking a real treat.
  • Great Food! Omelets and pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch and a pasta dish for dinner are just the many options you can whip up in our fully equipped kitchen.
  • Several grocery stores are nearby. Visit Publix, Winn-Dixie, Fresh Market or Whole Foods to pick up your favorite ingredients.


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Grabbing a quick snack? Eat at the high-top bar area. Enjoying a gourmet meal, make use of the large dining table that will seat the whole family.

As much as laundry is the last thing we want to do while on vacation, there is a washer and dryer for your convenience.


So, stay with Smart Move Accommodations!

Move in to a fully furnished 2-bedroom rental with everything you could need for your getaway. Get in touch for more information on how to reserve your stay.


Image 0531: City of Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rental License #20080012