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The Top 4 Crew Agencies in Fort Lauderdale: What to look for and how to decide which Agency will work best for you

Posted on: 02/17/2021

Any yachtie will tell you that once you have taken classes at the top maritime schools in Fort Lauderdale which include: Maritime Professional Training/MPT, Professional Yacht Training/PYT and Blue Water Training, the next step is networking. A large part of networking is choosing to stay in a crew house that is large enough to offer you the opportunity to meet lots of crew and make those crucial connections. Building relationships with fellow yacht crew while staying in accommodation for crew is an important building block when starting out. The 2nd building block would be connecting with the various yacht crew agencies that can help with job placement. Finding that dream job often comes down to your choice in the yacht crew agency in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  

How does one look for the best crew agency in Fort Lauderdale? Many “green” crew will use resources such as Facebook groups which will allow them to ask questions that can only be answered by seasoned crew members. Its important you do your research and find out who has the best reputation for working with crew and management companies to find the best match.


Below are the Top 4 Crew Agencies In Fort Lauderdale, FL


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757 S.E. 17 Street, Suite 113, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
Phone: 954-522-2739

This crew agency has a quick and easy sign-up platform that will get your started right away. Their website is pretty user-friendly allowing you to navigate through all resources they have to offer. To start off, Crew Finders offer an understanding of what to expect when it comes to salaries. Its an average guideline of what to expect as yacht crew in the various positions. See this link for information: 

There are three pages dedicated to Captains, Chief Stews and Pursers providing specific job related information. For Captains this is a great page to visit:, for Chief Stewardesses and Pursers, we recommend this page 

Once you have a good understanding of the yacht crew positions and possible crew salaries, they also offer help on how to format a good CV. We recommend reviewing their 5 Resume tips and recommendations on building a great resume.   

Most importantly, especially for those ready to work right away, they have job listings available for review. For those crew just starting out in the yachting agency, and looking to compare the difference between working on a Motor Yacht and working on a Sailing yacht, Crew Finders has a very informative comparison between the two: 

Overall this crew agency is very much focused on assisting maritime crew in preparing themselves to land that dream job.





1535 SE 17th Street #119, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Phone: 954.889.3100

Denison yacht management offer a very simple profile sign up for those using their services for the first time. If you have questions whilst signing up, they offer instant chat on their site which is a quick and easy way to answer those questions. A great perk of having a profile with them is the ability to showcase your talents. Of course, you would list your resume but you can also upload pictures and videos of your expertise. Show off your table décor, flower arranging, and beautifully prepared meals. This feature will allow the right candidate to stand out for the right job. Jill Maderia, heads up the Crew Division and assists yacht crew in the job search. She is very personable and works very closely with maritime crew to help match them to a great positions onboard yachts of different sizes. Their website, allows yacht crew to search for jobs based on specific qualifications, location, position and type of employment (seasonal, part time etc) Denison have a national presence with locations all over the USA as well as an office in Hong Kong. This allows them a greater reach when it comes to job searches.





112 Rose Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
PH: 1-954-522-4840


This all-female company of crew agents providing a more face to face approach. Their website is not a friendly as the others reviewed, but the services they offer are comprehensive. This crew agency does not require a registration fee which is a great feature and have a page dedicated to helpful crew resources.  They will work with you on building your resume and the best interview techniques in order to prepare you for job interviews they send you on. These agents pride themselves on being MLC certified IN 2012, and will be able to answer any questions you have regarding your rights as a seafarer.





Luxury Yacht Group
1362 SE 17th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
USATEL: +1 (954) 525-9959



This crew agency has a sign up process for both crew looking for work and employers looking for crew. This already shows they have a focus and determination to match the right maritime crew to the right position. The sign up is quick and easy and allows you access to all resources. One of their best features, especially for those new to the industry is a spin-wheel with extremely detailed information on all crew positions onboard a yacht. 

Each of the 5 divisions of crew positions is extremely detailed. For each category, job responsibilities, skills required, and factors that they recommend to bolster the salary guidelines set by the industry are listed. For example, speaking multiple languages, taking wine course, flower arranging, massage therapy, bartending classes, as well as advanced training will assist in getting a higher-than-normal salary.



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  • Deck- this department is made up of the following: Senior Master, Captain, Junior Captain, First Officer or Chief Mate, Officer of the Watch, Mate Bosun, Deckhand and finally Junior Deckhand.
  • Interior – this category is comprised of: The Purser, Chief Stewardess, Head of Housekeeper, Butler, 2nd Stewardess, Stewardess, Laundry Stewardess, Solo Stew and Junior Stewardess.  
  • Engineering – this group is made up of: Chief Engineer, Chief Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Second Unlimited, OOW Engineer, Electronics Engineer, and Junior Engineer.   
  • Galley – Also known as the kitchen, is made up of: Executive Chef, Chef, Sous Chef, and Cook
  • Other – This group are more geared towards Project Managers, Management of Estates and Private Aviation Managers


This agency for crew, have a comprehensive CREW FAQ Page, which covers the following topics: 

  • What is the yachting industry?
  • How do I get started in the yachting industry?
  • Do yachts hire people with no experience in yachting?
  • What skills do I have that would be useful on a yacht?
  • What if I get seasick?
  • Do I need a visa to work on a boat that cruises US waters?
  • What is STCW 95?
  • How does the LYG system work?
  • What is the first step after I register?
  • What positions are available on luxury yachts?
  • Can yachting be a career?
  • How long will it take to find a job?
  • How do I make my interviews successful?
  • What can I do to increase my chances of finding the right job?
  • Is there a right time of year to find work on a yacht?
  • Ok sounds good - How do I find my dream job?
  • What can I do to stand out from the crowd?
  • What salary can I expect?
  • What will be expected of me once I am onboard?
  • What are general Terms of Employment on a yacht?
  • I work on a cruise ship — can I work on a private yacht?
  • What about accommodation? Of course, when it comes to crew housing, Smart Move Crew Accommodations is highly suggested as they offer great quality crew housing at affordable rates.  


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Overall, the crew agencies located in Ft. Lauderdale all have great services and are geared towards working with yacht crew who are serious about finding the perfect job on a yacht. Make sure to do your research and find one that best meets your needs.