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Looking for a Pet Friendly Vacation Rental - We have the top 5 questions to ask before booking your stay.

Posted on: 09/26/2019


Going on vacation is great! Leaving your furry friends behind is not. Most hotels will not accept any animals unless they are service animals but there are many vacation homes and vacation apartments that will happily welcome your pets. Looking for a pet friendly vacation rental can be a challenge but not to worry as we have you covered. Before booking your pet friendly space, make sure to ask these 5 questions.

Is There a Pet Fee? Most vacation homeowners will ask for a pet fee or pet deposit which is normal and reasonable. No one knows other than you, how your pet behaves, and they have to anticipate that there may be some additional clean up after checkout. If you dog or cat scratches up any furniture the vacation rental owner needs to make sure they can repair or replace the item at not cost to them. Now, that you understand all about the pet fee, you need to ask is the pet deposit or pet fee refundable. Some vacation rentals will vary their pet fee from $100 to $350 depending on the animal and its size. Make sure to factor this into your budget when booking your stay.

Breed Does this vacation home accept all pets or does breed matter? For insurance purposes often breeds such as Pitbulls are not allowed. They have a bad reputation for being aggressive and are on the "do not rent list". If your dog falls under the “do not rent list” you may want to consider an alternative to coming with you on vacation.  Finding a fun filled space for your dog to stay while you are away take time and research but there are many great boarding facilities that don’t have cages but rather large open runs so you can rest easy that your furry pal will be comfortable while you are on vacation.

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Size: Many vacation rental homeowners will limit the size of the pet allowed. Bringing your 80-pound dog may not be possible so make sure to ask about size limitations. You will find that on average, pets up to 30 pounds are not a problem but larger breeds tend to not be as welcome.

Pools Will there be a pool on the property and if so, can your pet swim? Lots of dogs love to swim and it can be a great day relaxing by the pool with your pup. It’s important to ask before confirming your rental what the pool rules are. Also, if there is a pool and your dog can’t swim, is the pool fenced? You want to make sure that your pet will be safe during your stay. 

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Other pets: if it’s a complex or you are sharing the space with the homeowner, will there be other pets on the property? You need to know this in case your animal doesn’t get along with other pets. Pets are just like people, some enjoy the company of other animals and some don't. Ask details about the other animals who will be there when you are staying there. You have a right to know about all the guests.

We would be happy to find you your next pet friendly vacation rental in Fort Lauderdale.

Give us a call and let us know more about your best friend. Let’s start making memories now!

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