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The Top 5 Key Things to Look for in a Furnished Apartment Rental.

Posted on: 08/27/2019


Did you know that people take over 2.3 billion vacations and business trips in America each year?

If you're one of the many people who enjoy traveling, it's helpful to know that you can score a great deal on your accommodations by renting whenever you travel. Instead of spending a fortune on a cramped hotel room, you can get all of the comforts of home at a competitive price by renting a furnished apartment.

Are you considering renting a furnished apartment for your next vacation or business trip? If so, keep reading for 5 things you should look for to ensure your stay is comfortable, affordable, and safe.

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1. Does the Furnished Apartment Have Amenities?
Not all furnished apartments are created equally. Although every accommodation should have the necessities, some people want other conveniences. When you're looking at apartments, make note of any special amenities like an on-site gym, pool, or laundry services. If you want to avoid a lot of shopping, it's also important to check if your apartment covers all of the details like towels, hangers, and any small kitchen appliances you use regularly.

2. Is Location Important to You?
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, it's nice to stay in a central location that minimizes your daily commute. While you're planning your trip, think about the different locations you'll visit often. After you've mapped everything out, try to limit your housing search for options that stay within a convenient distance to these locations.

If you're driving, be sure to investigate the parking situation to avoid any surprises that could cost you more money or stress. If you don't have a car, try finding accommodation that's close to public transportation. Fort Lauderdale is one example of a great city to rent a furnished apartment because of its many attractions, accessible transportation, and fun and glamorous vibe. 

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3. Are You Open to Sharing to Cut Costs?
If you're looking for cheap fully furnished apartments for rent, you may have trouble finding a suitable place that stays within your budget. As a rule of thumb, you should never sacrifice safety, sanitation, or comfort to cut costs. Instead, you should explore better options like crew housing. If you're willing to share the common areas of your apartment with other renters, you can find beautiful apartments at impressive rates. Crew housing is a great option for solo or social travelers who enjoy meeting new people.

4. Is the Rental Reliable?
The best way to avoid any scams is to find your furnished apartment through a trusted rental agency. Not only are rental companies reliable, but the staff can also introduce you to several different options. With their help, you'll be able to find a furnished apartment that meets all of your needs.

5. Is the Area Safe?
Even if the apartment looks good on the inside, that doesn't mean the location is safe. As you're browsing, make sure you research the different safety features of each apartment. Well-lit parking lots and high-quality locks are a couple of examples of positive safety features.

Are You Looking for Furnished Apartments for Rent in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Now that you know how to narrow your search for a furnished apartment, you can find the accommodation of your dreams. If you're in need of a short term rental in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Smart Move Accommodations would love to help. Contact us to learn more about our housing options that can match any budget or lifestyle.