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Top 3 Maritime Schools in Fort Lauderdale - Maritime Student Housing in Fort Lauderdale

Posted on: 08/07/2019


The Yachting Industry is by far one of the most unique professions one can get into. It allows for world travel filled with once in a lifetime experiences not possible without the Super Yachts, Mega Yachts and Open Seas. While it sounds very glamorous and exciting these great adventures are not possible without a solid foundation at one of the excellent Maritime Schools in Fort Lauderdale.


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After polling several Maritime students on Facebook and other sites, the top three Maritime Schools in Fort Lauderdale are:

  • Maritime Professional Training
  • Professional Yacht Training
  • BlueWater Crew Training

Maritime Students will come to learn that various positions are available onboard, but you cannot get your foot in the door without classes both theory and practical. As with any profession, there are a lot of skills required and although the idea of working on a yacht may look easy it requires a lot of training and experience.

Some classes last one week whilst others can last for months at a time. Most crew cannot afford to stay in hotels leading them to look for alternatives that are more cost-effective.  

Enrolled Maritime Students turn to short-term accommodation in Fort Lauderdale for the duration of their classes.

Accommodation for Crew in Fort Lauderdale

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Housing is almost as important as the classes themselves. Classes are intensive and coming back to a quiet apartment or house and being able to unwind before hitting the books or maps is critical to the overall success of your class. Many of our apartments and houses are set-up specifically for students.

Weekly apartment rentals and monthly apartment rentals for crew are offered at reduced student rates with proof of school. Many housing options are walking distance to the Maritime schools, offering either kitchenettes or full cooking facilities and a great workspace. Fast Wi-Fi is a necessity as is privacy and good lighting.  

For those crew needing housing, attending one of the Maritime Schools and on an extremely tight budget we have the answer! Our Shared Crew Housing is budget-friendly yet still offers all the amenities that a student would need. 

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Shared Crew House living is ideal if you are not taking an intensive class and are new to the industry. Beds in our Crew Houses are available to rent on a week to week basis.

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The Maritime Schools in Fort Lauderdale are the best in United States providing an excellent foundation for anyone new to the industry as well as anyone looking to enhance their skills as they progress in their career.

We are here to offer the best Maritime Housing no matter what stage of your yachting career. Just starting off in yachting and need an apartment for a week? We have options for you. Coming in for a license renewal and your course is a month? No matter the class or stage of your Maritime career we have the housing option that will best suit your needs. Get in Touch Today!