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Top Fort Lauderdale, Florida Maritime Schools to Know About

Posted on: 06/26/2018


Are you thinking about pursuing a full-time maritime career?

The life of a maritime professional has its advantages, but it doesn't come without work and commitment. If you are willing to put forth the time and effort required, you can earn an impressive salary doing what you love.

If you've set your sights on a job in the water transportation industry, you will need to consider where you will live, train, and work. Maritime workers are limited to locations near the water.

Fort Lauderdale is an ideal location for individuals interested in maritime careers. Here, you will find a long list of maritime schools offering students access to top-notch training and endless opportunities.

If you've decided on a future at sea, a high-quality training program can help you achieve the career of your dreams. Find what you're looking for in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

Charting Your Maritime Career

There may not be as many jobs on the water as there are on land, but there are still have plenty of options when it comes to how they spend their career.

Choose a Location for School and Beyond

If you want to boost your chances of a successful maritime career, then you'll need to go where there are jobs available. Obviously, when you work in this industry, much of your time will be spent off the coast.

An experienced sailor can tell you that jobs don't just wash up on every shoreline. One of the keys to choosing a training facility is to find a location where you might find work during school and beyond graduation.

Fort Lauderdale's maritime schools are in a prime location. Not only will you have several options for training, you will also find that there are plenty of jobs for sea workers in the area.

Fort Lauderdale's Full of Choices

A valuable benefit of choosing a training program in Fort Lauderdale is that students are given a wide range of choices to best suit their preferences and needs. You will find Fort Lauderdale's students have several high-quality maritime schools to choose from. Maritime schools here offer students major advantages, such as expert teachers, internship programs, premium coursework, and a wide range of specific job-training tailored to fit your post-grad goals.

However, in addition to job-training and internship programs, students have access to a wide range of suitable employment opportunities upon the completion of their training. Fort Lauderdale has a thriving off-coast industry and a large number of its employers hire maritime graduates.

Finding work might be a challenge for you in some areas, but you won't have that problem in Fort Lauderdale.

Which Training Program is Right for You?

When you are charting your career, deciding where to pursue an education is the first major decision you will make with a lasting impact on your future. Employers in most any industry consider candidates' education when determining job qualifications. This is why it's important to choose maritime schools that are best suited for your specific career choice.

For those desiring a career on the water, it's hard to go wrong with Fort Lauderdale's maritime schools. But, you may notice that some offer programs that are best suited for a particular position within the industry.

You will be happiest with your decision if you follow a few simple suggestions before making a commitment. These include:

  • Conduct your own research
  • Look for online reviews of the school/ programs offered
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Talk to the school advisory staff
  • Consider budget requirements and payment options
  • Find out if there are prerequisites required for entry

Once you have determined which maritime schools fit your needs, then you can narrow your search. Once you get to this point, arranging a school visit will often help students make a final decision.

Fort Lauderdale's Top Maritime Schools

Here are some of the top maritime schools in Fort Lauderdale you may want to consider. Each of these top 4 picks offer excellent training opportunities and a wide range of additional services and benefits for students.

1. Maritime Professional Training Academy

Many students from coast to coast choose Maritime Professional Training Academy as a top pick to pursue their education. It offers a wide range of specific courses and programs designed for leading careers in the maritime industry.

Students can choose to take individual coursework, or they can choose an all-inclusive program for a specific licensure or job title. Programs often include all of the necessary courses. Some may also include licensure prep and license exam.

Some of the programs offered include:

  • Basic Safety Training
  • Steward(ess) Training
  • Captain's License
  • Yachtmaster Program
  • Chief Master Program
  • Engineer Program

Course programs start at less than $1000 dollars per program. The academy's facilities and labs are designed to give students real-life training and application practice.

They also have a variety of student resources available, including assistance with jobs and housing. You can check out the academy's website, which is loaded with useful information for maritime professionals, students, and applicants.

2. Resolve Marine Academy

Fort Lauderdale's Resolve Marine Academy offers industry leading courses and programs. In addition, they have trained over 35,000 personnel for employment within the Resolve Marine Group.

One of the things that attract students and visitors from all over to the Resolve Academy is their state of the art training amenities. They provide top of the line equipment and facilities, which include:

  • Six Bridge Simulators
  • Full Mission Bridge Simulator
  • Wet Trainer
  • Manatee Live Firefighting and Emergency Rescue Shipboard
  • Dynamic Positioning Lab
  • ECDIS Resolve Lab
  • Engine Room Simulator

They are the only third-party provider in North America offering ECDIS training using their specialized ECDIS training equipment. They also have e-learning opportunities available.

In addition to Maritime training, the academy employs workers for careers in their Emergency Response and Salvage and Wreck Removal programs. These career programs provide professional services in oceans all over the world.

3. STAR Center

The professionals employed by STAR, which stands for Simulation, Training, Assessment, and Research, contribute to a diverse mix of maritime expertise. Their educational programs cover a wide range of maritime-related services and research.

The STAR Center's courses have been approved to satisfy the education benefits offered to United States Veterans.

In the last two years, the STAR Center has implemented an Engine Room Simulator as part of their training programs. They also have additional simulators, including a full bridge simulator and dynamic positioning simulators, among other advanced equipment.

In addition to professional development courses, they offer U.S. Coast Guard-approved courses and Military Sealift Command courses.

You can visit the STAR Center's website to learn more about their courses and programs, and find out about how their research efforts are fueling advances in maritime science.

4. Bluewater Crew Training

The Bluewater Crew Training programs are widely recognized as a premier leader in yacht crew training. They are as a hub for everything related to yacht life, including training, charter, sales, and management services.

Their yacht crew club currently serves over 500 yachts and has over 90,000 members in their growing community.

If you are interested in becoming a yacht crew member, salesperson, or charter management, their training programs can't be beaten. Bluewater Crew Training has earned a five-star online Google rating, which is a rare honor for training facilities.

Potential students should keep in mind that Bluewater's training programs are aimed at careers within the yachting industry. These programs may not be appropriate for some maritime professions. You should speak with their staff to find out if their programs are suitable for the career you desire.

Where to Stay

Whether you're looking for a place to stay when you visit your top choice schools or looking for a place to live after graduation, we can help. We also offer area students a large selection of accommodations while they attend training.

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