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Driving Before, During And After A Hurricane Let’s Get You Prepared For The 2018 Hurricane Season.

Posted on: 05/22/2018


Living in the sunshine state comes with incredible advantages. Florida is beautiful and with practically no winter and the most beautiful beaches many would say we have it all. The downside to living in Florida are the hurricanes. Our hurricane season runs from June 1st through until November 30th so being prepared is essential. Hurricanes are a way of life and its best you are prepared.

If you are new to the state or need a refresher course on what to do when it comes to driving and your car during a hurricane- we have you covered!

Some people will consider flights as an option, but keep in mind that they could be faced with airports being shut down, flights fully booked or worse, the price gouging of a plane ticket. Often the prices are so excessive that the average person cannot afford it especially if traveling with family and animals.  Your next mode of transportation that you rely on is your car.

With an impending natural disaster a few days away, your car becomes your lifeline. Once you have made the difficult decision to evacuate, you need to make sure you know how to prepare to travel helping to make a challenging and chaotic situation somewhat organized. Most people will be traveling with family, friends and animals so ensuring you are prepared will make all the difference to everyone involved.

Preparing Your Car for A Hurricane:

  1. Get to the gas station as soon as you can. Do not panic and this be of no benefit to you. It may take hours so plan while you are sitting in your car. If the gas runs out at this station, map out the next one you could stop at. Bottom line – you need gas.
  2. Plan your route, relief stations
  3. Now, look at your spare tire. Is that properly inflated and ready to be used? You won’t have time in an emergency to stop and fill it up.
  4. An extra phone car charger is a good idea, so you are always connected even if the power goes out
  5. Basic Car repair tools
  6. Hammer – so you can break window
  7. Flashlight
  8. Flares if you need emergency help and are stuck on the side of the road 
  9. First Aid Kit
  10. Poncho
  11. Food and Medication

 Here are some driving tips on what to expect when driving with a hurricane on its way.


  • Stay in your car if its lightening
  • Make sure your headlights are on
  • Leave a 6 second gap between you and the car in front of you


  • Drive through highly flooded areas. It takes only 30cm of water to move your car.
  • Don’t Turn on your emergency lights
  • Don’t use cruise control
  • Don’t drive through puddles
  • Don’t drive if you can’t see or there is partial obstruction
  • Don’t reply too much on your car

If you happen to be driving during the hurricane your best bet is to evacuate the car and find shelter.

  • Watch for debris
  • Look out for cracks in the road
  • Watch out for downed powerlines
  • Steer clear of larger cars and trucks

If possible, do not stay in your car. Park your car as securely as possible as it can become a violent projectile and cause untold damage. Don’t park it near a tree or powerline as they are known to topple over. 

Hurricane has passed. Now What?

Check for damage to your car and take pictures if you find any damage

You still need to be caution on the roadways

Do not speed. In fact, go slightly under the speed limit as many traffic and posted sign may have been blown off.

Expect traffic lights to be out causing traffic backups and a lot of stress.

Keep food and water in the car as there will be delays- expect them and try not to panic

The roads are going to be wet and there may be damage so drive with caution.

Gas will be tough to come by for some time so don’t let your gas tank drop too low

Wear your seatbelt as drivers will be driving more aggressively

Watch out for erratic driving as many people are stressed and drive under the influence  

Keeping yourself and your family safe is your top priority and preparing your car in a large part of that. Taking care when driving before and after is critical and ensuring your keep calm is a must.

Hoping we have a calm and quiet 218 Hurricane Season. 

Stay Safe - The Smart Move Team