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Top 10 Misconceptions in the Yachting Industry

Posted on: 03/28/2018

 The yachting profession is unique but unfortunately has been misrepresented by many which has led to a lot of confusion, frustration and disappointment. TV shows such as “Below Deck” on Bravo TV have left an impression on the public that the life of a yachtie is glamorous, alluring and a way to earn quick cash.  

While you don’t need a college degree to go into yachting, its recommended that you attend a highly reputable maritime academy. Many classes require a lot of hard work and can be very intensive. In Fort Lauderdale, Maritime Professional Training (MPT) is the largest and most well-known. Their faculty members and facilities are extraordinary and will prepare you for anything and everything. Visit their site and look at the courses they offer.

The maritime classes you take are both theoretical and practical and this education can run into the thousands of dollars. The classes are built on building blocks and must be respected as such. There is no jumping the line and rushing through because there is a lot to learn and it requires your time and commitment. A big misconception is that the classes are easy and quick. Many students find out quickly that they cant either cut it or they need to find another profession.

While you are at school, you will have added expenses such as a text books, crew housing and transport. With Fort Lauderdale being such a hub for the yachting industry, often referring to as Venice of the Seas; specific housing has been established for the maritime students and employees.Smart Move Crew Accommodation offer a wide variety of options with incredible student discounts. Visit their site and look at the housing they offer. Smart Move Vacation Rentals.

Please be aware of super cheap accommodation available. See this article for assistance.


Here are the Top Misconceptions People Have about the Yachting Industry


  1. Working on a multi-million-dollar yacht is glamorous
  2. Studying is basic and limited - how hard can it be?  
  3. Its quick and easy to be certified in any position
  4. Jobs are easy to come by
  5. Jobs are easy to keep
  6. Working on the yacht is easy, quick and requires little effort
  7. Star-studded guests become friends
  8. Living in five-star luxury will become the new normal
  9. Lots of free time to enjoy the yacht and all that it offers once onboard
  10. Lots of sightseeing at each port while the guests are enjoying themselves




  1. Hard physical work
  2. Efficient coordination and communication amongst the crew
  3. Long hours – very late nights and early mornings based on the guests’ preferences.
  4. Months away from family and friends
  5. Small; non-private living quarters
  6. Politics amongst the crew due to close living quarters
  7. Very little sightseeing
  8. Staying in crew houses while looking for a job – can be weeks or months
  9. Studying is continuous throughout the career and is expensive


The yachting profession is incredible but only if you start correctly from the beginning and are ready to put in the hard work. Don’t buy into the hype about yachtie life being glamourous and star-studded because it’s just like any other job. It has incredible perks but its got its down sides too. If you are committed, choose a great maritime school, keep on top of your studies and ensure you have a positive “can do” attitude you will do well.