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5 Tips For Finding Excellent Crew Housing

Posted on: 03/05/2018

Good crew housing is like electricity. It's not the main focus of a yachting experience, but if something goes wrong with it, it will cause problems.

That's why it's important to find shared crew housing that's affordable, conveniently-located, and well-managed. Here are five things we think everyone should consider when looking for top-notch crew accommodations:

1. Consider the Management

It doesn't matter how nice a potential crew house is if its management team isn't efficient. Before deciding on one specific place, think about how communicative the managers are.

Do they seem well-informed? Do they take a while to respond? Are they friendly, or abrupt?

These are all factors that should be considered in a decision, even though they don't specifically relate to the accommodations themselves.

2. Evaluate the Crew Housing Technology

Modern technology in crew dwellings will make it easier to prepare food, get in and out of the home, or enjoy some leisure. Check to see if crew accommodations have modern televisions, appliances, wireless internet, and door locks.

They might not seem significant, but in a place where crew may be staying for weeks at a time, they'll make a difference.

3. Look at the Location of the Home

Consider the location of crew accommodations relative to both the marina and other things going on in the area. For example, many of our homes are located in close proximity to some of the most exciting attractions in Fort Lauderdale.

It's also important that crew accommodations make it easy for the team to get back to a vessel quickly, in case there is a change in schedule.

4. Ask About Flexibility

As most people know, yachting can be unpredictable. A crew can have the best-laid plans, but one unexpected afternoon thunderstorm can wreck it all.

Think about how easily it would be to change a booking schedule if crew needs to stay an extra few days or even a week. Accommodations should also be adjustable the other way, in case a stay needs to be shortened.

5. See What Others Say

Finally, a great way to evaluate options for crew accommodation is checking out previous reviews. Hearing from real customers will help to determine whether or not a stay in a crew house will be enjoyable. A reputable option for crew lodging will often have a page dedicated to testimonials from people who have actually stayed there.

If they don't, other sites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor may have reviews that provide the real story on what it's like to stay in one of their homes.

The Final Word on Crew Lodging

A good home or private apartment for crew members is the cherry on top of a successful yachting trip. That's why it's so important to ensure that crew members have a place that is comfortable, centrally-located, and affordable.

Interested in making sure that your crew is well taken care of the next time you need to dock in the Fort Lauderdale area? Get in touch with the expert team at Smart Move to see how we can help make your next stay a breeze.