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The top 10 things I wish I had known before going into the yachting industry.

Posted on: 02/19/2018

First, you need to self-analyze if you have possessed adequate abilities, qualities and skills before working in the yachting industry. Most of the people hold the view that it is not meant for everyone. Yachts usually arrive in varying shapes and sizes. Some of the common job positions available in the industry include Captain, Mate, Engineer and Deck hand.

Listed below are some of the top ten things to be acquainted with the yachting industry.

  • Life style of a yachtie at yachting industry:-

If you are employed as a yachtie, you will be serving one of the top luxurious vessels across the globe with plenty of ultra-modern facilities and amenities. In the absence of captain and co-staffs, you can access Jet-Skis, tenders, gymnasium and even the swimming pool.

  • Surprise visits of eminent personalities and celebrities: It is one of the ideal opportunities for a yachtie to interact or communicate with some of the famous actors in Hollywood such as Beyonce, Leonard Di Caprio, Rihanna and Jay-Z


  • Tourist destination spots: While working aboard, you will come across some of the top iconic destinations of the world and enjoy the picturesque views during course of your journey.


  • Building new relationships:Apart from friends and family members, you can create new relationship with the fellow crewmembers.


  • Attractive salary and perks:They offer attractive salary along with rewards while working as a yachtie. You are not required to spent money on accommodation, food and even tax. It is indeed one of the best opportunities to save money and use it purchase properties or set-up a new business.


  • Tips:One of the major highlights while working as a yachtie is that you will receive tips as financial incentive. For example, a standard tip is about twenty percent of the charter fee. Out of which ten percent are equally distributed among the co-staffs.


  • Downtime and gifts:A person who is working as a yachtie will be provided downtime to unwind and relax. In addition, the yacht owner will offer gifts. However, few owners even provide tips.


  • Career enhancement:The industry provides career opportunities to those who are employed as a yachtie. They act as sponsors by covering education and training expenses of a yachtie. Besides that, the industry offers numerous courses suitable for a particular job role such as sommelier, diving instructor and powerboat handler.


  • In order to secure a yacht job at the industry, you need to register and upload your latest resume with essential details including written references. The candidates must be well prepared before attending the interview. They should be clean-shaven and properly dressed. Stay positive and confident.


Since the yacht jobs demands immediate placement, the candidates should be geared up to leave the town. Even though there are numerous benefits while working on board, yacht job involves strenuous working periods. The yachting is indeed a windfall experience.