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Crew House Freedom

Posted on: 06/15/2015


The yachting industry is nothing if not unpredictable and transient in nature and because of this we make sure that we are as accommodating as possible. When choosing to stay in one of the Smart Move crew houses you truly are making a “Smart Move” both financially and career wise. The idea of being tied into monthly rental payments does not appeal because who knows how long you will be in Fort Lauderdale. For this exact reason, we make sure you can pay by the week ensuring funds -which are often limited- are not tied up. On the other hand if you anticipate being in town for only a week and your plans change, we will happily offer you a special reduced monthly rate. 

We are able to differentiate ourselves from other companies in Fort Lauderdale by allowing your stay with us to begin on your chosen day. You are the Captain of your crew house experience. For example, if you move in on a Wednesday, your week runs Wednesday to Wednesday. If you want to move in on the 7th of a month, your month will run from the 7th to the 7th. We are here to make your crew house experience as convenient as possible.

The complete freedom crew housing provides is truly worry-free and completely stress-free. You can come and go as you like and because all our crew houses work with electronic door codes (and no keys), access to our crew houses are 24/7. Renting by the bed gives you all the benefits of renting a whole house and using all amenities without paying for it. All linens and towels are provided so all you really need are your personal belongings. You can move out at any time of the day or night without restrictions – you are a free agent.

Only certain of our properties work well as shared crew houses. Our main focus is location location! The freedom that comes with staying in our crew houses is great because if transportation is an issue, they are all conveniently situated around SE 17th Street. There are many crew agencies and maritime schools located around the SE 17th Street area so job hunting and furthering your education is much easier.

 A real advantage is networking when staying in our well positioned crew houses. The key to the yachting industry is truly who you know and being in the right place at the right time. Often our crew house tenants get together to have BBQs and many have landed dream jobs just be spending time in one of our crew houses and chatting to other yachties.

 Being able to vacate one of our crew houses and travel at the drop of a hat while exploring the world is what we as a company try to ensure you are able to do. Staying in one of our prime located crew houses with all the freedom it provides puts you in an ideal position to reach your dreams goals.

Move Smarter, Live Better. 

The article can be found in the Lauderdale Ahead Magazine