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Smart Move hosts the Triton Event

Posted on: 03/19/2014

Join Smart Move and The Triton on March 19




When: 03/19/2014

Time: 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Location: Smart Move

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818 SW 14th Court Ft Lauderdale33315


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Contact Name: Shelley Isakowitz

Phone: 954-525-9559


Join The Triton and Smart Move for networking on the third Wednesday of March (March 19) from 6-8 p.m. in Ft. Lauderdale. The event is March 19 at a Smart Move house located at 818 SW 14th Court Ft Lauderdale (33315). Bring business cards and talk with yacht captains, crew and industry professionals.

Until then, get to know a little more about Smart Move Accommodations from Operations Manager Shelley Isakowitz.


Q. What is Smart Move Accommodations?

Smart Move Crew Accommodations provides crew with a home away from home, whether it be shared crew housing or private accommodation. Every accommodation we offer, whether a four bedroom luxury home or crew house, has focus on comfort, affordability, complimentary amenities, and centrally located properties.

Q. How long have you been in the business? How did this start?

Smart Move Crew Accommodations has been in business for more than 22 years. It started because there was a need for crew members to hang their hats while looking for work. We took over the business nearly five years ago and saw that there was a greater need for more options to meet all budgets and tastes, which has allowed our business to expand into what it is today.

Q. Who will captains and crew work with?

Captains and crew work with our ladies on the front desk, aka our superwomen. Corrie is the manager of the front desk and is known to all as the "Smart Move Mom" who looks after all her "Smarties". The front desk is accessible 24/7 via phone and email, so no matter what you need or when you arrive we will be able to get back to you quickly.

Q. What sets Smart Move apart from other rental businesses?

Smart Move Crew Accommodations has pioneered the combination of property management and hotel management. The end result offers the best of both worlds. Our business is based on great customer service and our growth is a result of the success of the combination our management and word of mouth. We have strong, long-standing relationships with both captains and crews and are on a first name basis with all our crew.

We often get calls from captains and crew who book apartments and houses sight unseen due to the trust they have in the front desk and they are never disappointed. We listen to your accommodation requirements and offer advice on property options to fit your needs.

We guarantee that if you have reserved your space with us, when you arrive it will be ready and waiting. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to great customer service. We have a full time maintenance division, as well as housekeeping team, on call 24/7.

Q.What is the best way for crew to use your service?

We are all about convenience from start to finish. We know everyone is busy. Whether its looking for that dream job or working hard to keep it, no one has time to waste so we are accessible 24/7 via email, phone, Facebook or Skype. We are redesigning our website to make it even more user friendly, and we are in the process of developing a mobile app which should make it that much easier for crew to get in touch with us.

Q. What part of the world do you have properties?

The majority of the properties we manage are situated in Ft. Lauderdale, especially close to the marinas, maritime schools, Las Olas and the beaches. However, we do have a number properties in West Palm Beach, Fla..

Q. You see a lot of yacht crew, tell us a success stories.

We are all about networking and making your stay with us as comfortable and easy as possible.

We host parties where we get all our tenants together to get to know each other and we've seen people get jobs and relationships bloom. We have even been to a wedding of two of our tenants who met while staying at one of our crew houses. While we can't take complete credit, we are happy to have watched them marry and start a family, all while excelling in the industry. We had a wonderful engineer staying with us in a shared crew houses. He landed a great job, but as we all know, they don't work out sometimes. He returned and moved into a private apartment and started interviewing again. Finally, he found the job he was hoping for. We kept in contact on Facebook and last year he returned to Ft. Lauderdale, bought a gorgeous house and has given it to us to rent and manage for him. Now, that is what we call success, a happy tenant, on his way in the industry, that is now a happy property owner with us.

Another story that comes to mind was when a young girl from South Africa came over as green and nervous as they come. We settled her in and guided her as best we could. We assured her mom and promised to take good care of her daughter. The girl networked as much as possible and started to gain confidence. We were sad to see her leave, but thrilled when she returned to Ft. Lauderdale as a chief stew with a crew of 10. This shy and nervous young girl was now running the show and needed accommodation for her great crew.

Q. What would you like Triton readers to know about Smart Move?

We are the best crew accommodation specialists in Ft. Lauderdale, offering first rate affordable accommodation and we excel at friendly reliable service. We understand what it is like to live in close quarters while on-board, and so we make sure when you drop anchor, our houses are well maintained, spotless and spacious. Check out our website and you will see that what you see is what you get. Our photos are the real deal.

Q. What do you wish captains and crew knew about finding accommodations?

When deciding and selecting a place to stay, you want to make sure there are no hidden fees. That is one major focus of ours. We are upfront about our prices and additional costs. We make sure our tenants know exactly what to budget for because we hate those nasty surprises that we know happen at check-out.

The more information we gather from the get-go the better we are able to match you with your ideal accommodation. We are here to make your accommodation experience a memorable one.

Networking is March 19 at a Smart Move house located at 818 SW 14th Court Ft Lauderdale (33315)


To contact Smart Move call  +1954-525-9559,, or visit the office at 716 S.E. 17th St., Ft. Lauderdale (33316).