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International Crew Training relocates

Posted on: 01/13/2015

International Crew Training an Yacht Chandlers have relocated their businesses into one 42,000 SF building in Ft. Lauderdale, at 750 W. Sunrise Boulevard.

“Ft. Lauderdale yachting continues to expand and many businesses have grown,” James said. “With this successful growth it’s hard to get space. We had to reach outside of the State Road 84 and 17th Street boundary.

“Now we have a large showroom for interior, electronics, and other displays,” he said. “And we’ve expanded our interior storage of things like Jet Skis, props and other yacht spares. Sometimes we even hold a yacht’s Easter decorations and holiday stuff.”

The new facility also features sporting areas for crew and employees.

“We’re working on the indoor pool for the training facility and there will be a cross-fit gym and racquetball for crew and ICT,” James said.

The facility adds a fun factor for the staff, said office manager Charlotte Brillinger, a 20-year employee at Yacht Chandlers.

“We now have a pool, showers, lockers, racquetball and we may add basketball and volleyball,” she said. “We’re a tight group, and we have all these ideas. It’s not just always work. Besides being a team, we’re family.”

With the relocation of its offices from 17th Street, ICT has increased its number of classrooms and space to 9000 square feet, said Brian Luke, chief operations officer of ICT.

“We increased capacity and quality,” he said. “We’re still a training center and we still focus on the core, except now we will be a one-stop shop.”

Located downstairs in the same building with Yacht Chandlers, ICT will offer on-site water survival training and upgrades in the classrooms, Luke said. White boards have been replaced with touch screens and are interactive with a high-tech feel.

“We’ve come from the chalk-and-talk days to smart boards,” Luke said. “Now students can learn in class then go back online to see the class work. The reason for the technology is that today’s student is growing up with this. We will capture their interest and we’ll connect with them better. We are innovating the technology for this industry.”

Instructor Capt. Jeff Werner said he welcomes the updates.

“We can use the same lesson plans, but everything is in the network,” Werner said. “It’s so exciting as an instructor. Teaching is fun to begin with, but with this technology to train students, we are even more excited.”

The chandlery and school are now located at 750 W. Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale (33311). For more information, contact Yacht Chandlers at +1 954-761-3463 or and International Crew Training at +1 954-779-7764 or